Sparkling Cranberry Refresher

I know it is the holiday season and we are suppose to serve warm, cozy beverages, and that will come. But let’s be honest, it is not cold and in all places. If you are entertaining this season, you will have a lot a people over, and your house or apartment is going to get warm. This is a perfect (and easy) drink to cool off your guests. ENJOY!! Plus all ingredients can be found at your trusty Trader Joe’s.

Sparkling Juice – Any flavor – any amount

1 orange for slicing and dicing

1 cup frozen fruit

Divide all ingredients evenly for each glass and drink up! Easy and beautiful as that! Especially delicious after a long day of baking in a hot kitchen!

Paleo Paleo Passion Sparkling Cranberry RefresherPaleo Paleo Passion Sparkling Refresher


Passionate PALEO BANANA BREAD ~ Gluten & Dairy Free!!


3 Brown Bananas, mashed

1/4 Cup Maple Syrup

1 tsp. Vanilla

3 Eggs

1/2 Cup Almond Butter

1/2 Cup Coconut Flour

1/2 tsp. Baking Soda

1/2 tsp. Baking powder

1 tsp. Cinnamon

350 degrees. 9″ x 5″ pan. Drizzle a little olive oil in the pan or melted coconut oil. In larger bowl mix bananas, syrup, vanilla, eggs, and butter. Add all other ingredients and mix well. Put in the pan, cook the banana bread for 50 minutes. Cool 5 to 10 minutes before cutting.IMG_4230 Paleo Passions Banana Bread  Paleo Passions Banana BreadPaleo Passions Banana Bread

Part of the reason this recipe turned out so well was the amazing pan I own and used from Staub. You can purchase it your self at Sur la Table and get a discount on shipping here!  Also check out this super cute pumpkin bowl in two colors: ORANGE and WHITE!! I think they are so cute!

Staub Burnt Orange Pumpkin CocotteStaub White Mini Pumpkin Cocotte



I am sure on this blog there will be nothing new that has not been said about paleo or no new amazing recipe, but I do know that every story is different because everyone is different. My story is not that unique I am sure, but it is my story non the less. I have been health conscious since the end of high school, realizing that I liked how I felt and my body looked when I ate better. However, my eyes are bigger than my stomach and I did not always eat healthy. Add in college dorm food, plus a college grocery budget one does not always eat the most healthy choices. I do think I am the only person out of my family that has lost weight and kept it off since highschool. I was never overweight, and have been in athletics and excelled in them my whole life. I just thought that doing sports meant I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight. Or there was always a holiday, weekend, birthday, or hard work out that justified the Coldstone bowl of ice cream;). I am a firm believer in not complaining about something that is within your control to fix. Weight, health, and eating is one of those things. I do not (try not) to stress about things that are outside of my control and work on the things that are. My husband and I have been together for just over 4 years. We started eating Paleo 1.5 years ago. We both have seen and felt such great changes that we will never go back to not eating this way. It is not that we are religious about it, but you can feel such a difference in your life that you can not imagine going back. Like others, we were motivated to try by the story of one of our friends and seeing the life transformation he went through. We thought, hey if he can do it, we can do it. This friend and us are still going strong. I have know for years that I do not do well when I eat dairy… probably from so many girl night ice cream binges. So this was an easier transition for me. Once you start eating mostly organic and Paleo you really start to look at your food and how that food is made and where it comes from. Paleo is not a cure all for diseases but coming from a family where both my parents have had some type of cancer, I want to do everything to prevent myself and my loved ones from going through that again. This is one of the greatest reasons for eating a healthy diet. Another is that food brings great joy to so many people. I love to cook and bake… mostly bake. And who doesn’t love to come and eat scones and drink coffee on the weekends? Added bonus when i tell them there is not sugar or dairy in these scones! I love entertaining, a trait I received from my mother. Even though we live in a tiny space, I still love having people over and sharing our home and food with people.

So all that being said, this is a little way that I can open up my home and share with everyone my passion for food, friendship, and love. And maybe the occasional fitness adventure! Thanks for reading and listening!

Biking up Logan Pass, Montana
Biking up Logan Pass, Montana

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies … Did I mention there was chocolate

Most delicious gluten and dairy free cookies I have had! Might trump my regular Chocolate Chip cookies! Can’t claim the recipe, I snagged this beauty from


Double Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oven: 350 degrees  –  Bake 10 mins  –  Makes 12 -14 cookies

1 cup almond butter

1 cup coconut sugar (I didn’t have so I used organic sugar)

1 egg

1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

1 teaspoon backing soda

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

pinch of salt

1/4 – 1/2 cup of chocolate chips

Mix almond butter and sugar together very well. Then add an egg and mix well. Add 1/4 of cocoa powder mix, then add the other 1/4 cup. At this point you might want to use your hands. Suggestion of Paleomg and it really works quite well. Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Add chips at the very end. Make 2 tablespoons sized balls and press them down to form.



Paleo Cranberry Orange Scones


Very easy to make and even easier to eat all in one day. I pair it with organic raspberry jam or honey.

3 cups of almond flour

1 teaspoon backing soda

1/8 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon of orange zest

3/4 cup of dried cranberries

2 eggs

2 tablespoons of honey

1/2 of an orange squeezed juice

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.   Add flour, baking soda orange zest, and cranberries in a large bowl and stir to combine.   Make a well in the center of the flour mixture and add in the remaining ingredients. Starting in the center, stir the dough until well combined. Using a spoon make 2″ round drops on baking sheet. To make them look better, wet your hands and flatten the tops. Bake 18 – 20 minutes, until the tops are just golden brown. Slice in half and put in jelly or eat plain.


Saturday Baking itch: Gluten-Free Blueberry Lemon Cake

Classic Saturday baking itch… I was inspired by an instagram image to bake my first paleo cake. While looking on for the chocolate cake recipe, I was distracted by the Lemon Blueberry Cake. So I made that instead. It turned out pretty well for the 1st try! Find the recipe HERE.

And my new favorite baking ingredient… Trader Joe’s coconut cream! Have fun!